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About CKC

Every day, 7 children in the United States die of pediatric cancer or treatment side effects.

While the cure rate for kids’ cancer has improved up to the current rate of about 80%, the side effects are terrible. 80% of those survivors will suffer long term side effects including learning disabilities, chronic pain, sterility, stunted growth, heart defects, and cancers caused by treatment. 20% of kids who survive treatment die within 25 years of their “cure.”


CKC focuses on funding the treatment of children in the most promising clinical trials at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Clinical trials are how we go from curing mice with cancer, to curing children with cancer – in innovative new ways that don’t have the dire outcomes of current protocols. 


But these efforts require funding, and funding can be hard to come by.  

That's where we come in...



Our Mission

Crush Kids' Cancer brings hope by funding treatment of children in clinical trails and raising awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Our Vision

We dream of a world where children no longer die from cancer; where treatment is effective, easy and accessible to all.

Crush Kids' Cancer is...

Focused on funding treatment of children in clinical trails and raising awareness in the fight against pediatric cancers. As long as kids are dying from cancer, or suffering from the effects of treatment, we have work to do.  We understand that however much we're doing, it isn't enough.  We will always search for ways to increase the impact  of our work.

Action-oriented: always striving to raise funds and awareness. We collaborate, rather than compete, with other philanthropic organizations, especially those aligned with our mission. 

Transparent:  with our donors, team-members, partners, and supported organizations.We run an open book.  We conduct our business with dignity, integrity, and pride.  We welcome probing, challenging questions, or audits as opportunities to demonstrate our integrity.




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