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There are people out there who want to support you, but they can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity.

Be sure to give them that opportunity by asking!  Donations often come in from the least-expected places, so don't be shy. 

Remember: you are not asking for the money for yourself.  You are asking for a donation to support research that will help CRUSH cancer.  Think of the children!

Outlined below are tried and true methods for successful fundraising.

Get set up! This is how you sign up for your personal fundraising page.  Personalize it to make it "connect" for your friends. Approach your fundraising with a major event as a milestone goal. STP, RAMROD, your birthday, anniversary, a wedding... all of these have been used with amazing fundraising success.

Set your goal! Be aggressive.  Just like going for a big event ride, you will do more if you commit to a goal.  You can do more than you know!  Your friends are looking for a great philanthropic outlet, and you're providing them one!  They want to be inspired, and YOU ARE INSPIRING.


Aim high.


Stay focused. At times, all this effort, like any training, can be tiring.  Remind yourself why you are participating, and how the money YOU will raise will help Seattle Children's do critical research.  


Don't hesitate to turn to your Crush Kids' Cancer family for inspiration and ideas about how to raise money, or how to stay motivated. 

All donations to Crush Kids' Cancer are tax deductible.

CKC is a 501(c)(3) organization.  

Our tax ID number is: 27-3193047

Donors can support your fundraising  campaign via your custom FirstGiving page (read more here). Donations can also be submitted directly to Seattle Children's Hospital online by credit card or through mail with check using our donation form.

Note: Donation by mail form will open as a pdf file.

Rally the troops! Now you are near your goal!  Lots of people like to be the "finish line supporter".  Once you approach 75% of your goal, advertise how close you are to completing your goal.  This is the time for the blast email, the big Facebook push, the tweet campaign.  

Work the match. Remind your donors to use their corporate matching to multiply their impact.  Corporate matching is a tremendous benefit offered by many companies.  The process is usually simple:

  1. First, make your donation to the Crush Kids' Cancer guild via credit card, or submit check payment with our donation form. ​

  2. Contact your company's HR department and they'll give you a form, or walk you through the steps needed, to confirm your donation.  

  3. Once your donation is confirmed, your company will send the matching gift to Crush Kids' Cancer.  


As part of the process you will likely need to provide our Crush Kids' Cancer Tax ID number: 27-3193047

Pro Tip: For your records, be sure to check how often your company sends out matches - some only process matching gifts annually or quarterly

Send a personalized thank you. After you've completed your fundraising, send your donors a note to thank them for their generosity.  Tell them how much you raised in total, and what your participation in this fundraising has meant to you.  This will help you set the stage for future donation appeals in addition to 'closing the loop'.  Donors will be more likely to give again if they feel that their donation was appreciated and valuable.

Most importantly - celebrate your accomplishments!  You are helping to make a difference.  You are saving lives.

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