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We are Crush Kids' Cancer


Cancer treatments for adults are a multi-billion-dollar market that attracts investment from big pharmaceutical companies. Childhood cancer doesn't receive this level of funding despite the fact that cancer is the leading cause of childhood mortality by disease. Going through all the steps to receive FDA approval for human clinical trials is very expensive and many promising pediatric advances never make it into clinical practice due to a lack of financial support.


That's where we come in...

Get Involved

Last year, Crush Kids' Cancer raised more than $100,000 that we dedicated to treatment of children in clinical trails and raising awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer.  But our job is far from done, and there are a thousand ways we can use your talent and time in the fight against kids' cancer.  


You can save lives. 

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is the next great advancement in cancer treatment. Through cellular engineering, a child's own immune system can be enabled to cure cancer, without the harsh and often lifelong side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 

We can remove the obstacles to that cure today.  Finally, a more effective and gentle treatment for childhood cancer is within reach. 

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