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Start Fundraising

How it works: Set up your unique fundraising page to join the team and start your impact.

Our fundraising pages via FirstGiving enable you to leverage any upcoming athletic endeavor or important milestone as a fundraising opportunity.  As you set up your page, you receive a custom URL which can be circulated to your friends, family members, coworkers... anyone who may want to support and recognize your accomplishments.   Now any milestone can be an opportunity to ask for a donation to support research that will CRUSH cancer. 


These FirstGiving pages also offer best-in-class tools including the following features:


  • Collecting important information so we can better support you throughout the year and help keep you aware of coming events and the latest news on cancer research progress

  • A user-friendly customizable rider profile that provides you with the ability to set automated messages to your donors, including “thank yous”

  • The ability to track, and receive credit for, your offline donations, including check payments and corporate matching.

  • Leaderboards celebrating and recognizing our members and their amazing fundraising efforts

  • Better team creation options to encourage friendly fundraising competition for a phenomenal cause

  • HEP data features for ease of submitting for employer matching funds

Interested in donating to Seattle Children's, but not quite ready to set up your page? 

No problem!  We strive to raise awareness and funds to help fight pediatric cancer.  We are thankful for any donation for this worthy mission. 

Let's get started!  Get your page:

2. Click on the "Start Fundraising" link

3. Fill out your FirstGiving Account details

4. Start your own campaign or join one of our CKC public campaigns


Have a unique upcoming milestone, or are you training for a particular event?  Set up your own campaign!  You can ask others to join your campaign (for friendly fundraising competition).

Taking part in a particular organized CKC event?  Join one of our campaigns!  Each year we have a few key signature donation drives (typically including a grouping for riders participating in STP, a mountain biking challenge, and more).  You will still receive a unique URL for your fundraising efforts for you to set your own fundraising goals, and can monitor your progress as the event approaches.  

(currently available campaigns will appear after you select the "Join a public event or campaign" option - if there are no currently active CKC public campaigns, we strongly encourage you to create your own)

And done! 

You'll be provided with a new fundraising page that is ready to be customized with automated messages, profile, pictures, etc. 

Have any questions about the FirstGiving site or your account set up?  Please do not hesitate to reach out!  We're here to help.

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