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Immunotherapy - the 411

  • T-cell immunotherapy is SAVING KIDS

  • T-cells are a critical part of everyone’s normal immune system

  • T-cell therapy uses the patient's own immune system to fight cancer

  • T-cells are collected from the patient with a simple blood draw and modified in a special lab to attack cancer cells.  The modified T- cells are then injected back into the patient as specialized “cancer fighters”

  • The living modified cancer fighting T-cells are returned to the child’s blood stream, where they circulate to find tumor cells for a long time.  This decreases the amount of treatments needed as compared to other treatment types such as chemo and radiation that require multiple visits over weeks to months. 

    • In other words, the modified T-cells now 

      • Recognize the cancer cells 

      • Search the body and find the cancer cells

      • Attack and kill the cancer cells

      • Invite other cancer fighting cells to join in the attack 

T-cell immunotherapy was more than 91% successful in a previous trial to treat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

T-cell production cost for Brain Child 01 is about $80,000 per child

Every donation matters

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